Worker spared fine for assault

Twenty-five year old Julio Ardon, a construction worker charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, was spared a custodial sentence on Thursday by the Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, when she found him guilty of the charge. She told him to count himself lucky that he is not going to Kolbe Foundation.

On conviction for the offence of aggravated assault with a firearm, a person is liable to a sentence of 2 years.

She fined him $500 and made him sign a bond to keep to peace for 3 years with regard to the complainant Inmas Espinal Jr., and his mother, Maria Mancilla.

Julio Ardon was given until December 9 to pay the fine. If he defaults on payment he will serve 3 months. If he breaks the peace he will have to pay a fine of $500 or serve 6 months.

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. on March 28, 2014. Inmas Espinal testified that Julio Ardon went to his house in a Nissan Altima car, and put a firearm to his head.

Mr Ardon testified and denied that he committed the offence. Julio Ardon said he went to his uncle’s house to pay a syndicate and he saw Inmas Espinal and his girlfriend in the yard. Mr Ardon said Me Espinal threatened to shoot him and he challenged to a fist fight. Julio Ardon said Inmas Espinal then approached him with a stick, and he went to his car and got a construction tool to defend himself.

Chief Magistrate told Julio Argon that his version of the events does not make any sense and she found him guilty.

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