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The Education sector is wholly embracing technology and is on a route to completely eliminate the use of paper in classrooms and creating a database to make admission and other records more accessible. The initiative is called Open-Emis. This week 60 primary principals of the Belize District are participating in a training workshop focused on the use of Open Emis in classrooms throughout the country. The workshop is being facilitated by the Ministry of Education and is taking place at the Edward P. Yorke High School. Felix Sutherland, the Principal of St. John Vianney School told us more about the iniative.

Felix Sutherland – Principal, St. John’s Vianney Primary Schoolvlcsnap-2015-08-07-10h29m15s50

“It is a compilation of data base materials. We cover students, we cover faculty, we cover auxiliary staff and everybody. In addition to that, we cover admission, absence , infrastructure – it is a whole  database compilation but this is now the buttered way of doing it.”



“Reducing the use of paper completely?”


 Felix Sutherland

“Reducing the use of paper, reducing the carbon footprint and at the same time making our world a safer place.”



“Can you give us one practical example of how it will be used – let’s say the absence aspect of it?”


Felix Sutherland

“For example, the Ministry  of Education would call me and say… they don’t even have to call me, they can automatically go to my Emis and they can see what my attendance is for that day and whether or not that warrants a cancelation of classes for that day. It is almost instantaneous.”


Open-Emis is a new initiative of the Ministry of Education. If all goes well the initiative should start being implemented by September 2015.

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