World Egg Day celebrated in Belize





The second Friday in October every year is World Egg Day. Orlando Habet is president of the Belize Poultry Association and he told us how and why it’s being celebrated this year.

Mr. Orlando Habet- President of the Belize Poultry Association

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-11h48m15s2205“This day is celebrated as…internationally as this day because it has been done for the past three years and designated for the second Friday of October in every year.   So, all over the World Egg Day is celebrated the Second Friday of October.   Last year, we did a similar activity, feeding some children on breakfast with eggs and milk and cheese and Johnny cakes.   This year, we partnered with BAHA, especially BAHA Belize City, and they came up with the bright idea that let’s show people that eggs cannot be consumed alone, but egg is a food that is  so versatile that can be consumed with any other product.   So, we combine it with beans or tortilla, we’re going to feed them with a banana each and also some milk.   So, this is just…the second day, we are doing it as a feed day program, but we have done the celebration for the World Day for the last seven years.   Hopefully, next year, we can maybe extend it to the next side of the country going down towards Toledo, and then, we come up back again, and then, select various schools throughout the country to do it on a yearly basis”.

Some 400 eggs formed part of the breakfast served out to kids by the team from the Association and BAHA – Agricultural Health Authority. Orlando Habet explains the history of eggs as a staple in the Belizean diet.

Mr. Orlando Habet “…certainly!   Not only that, but because the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has noted and has made a release during the last two years and these two years, they did it again, saying that  a large portion of the poverty around the world has to deal with nutritional poverty.   And so, just a few months ago, they were in Africa going to various countries trying to promote the production of eggs because they found out that the quality of the protein and the nutritional value of the egg is so important for people, especially in the poorer countries that is they do not have sufficient eggs, then the consumers does not have accessibility to it.   So, they were promoting the production, the distribution to make it accessible, and the larger the production, then, the price also goes down”. 

Reporter:  “Is the consumption of eggs by the Belizean population still robust?”

Mr. Orlando Habet:  “Yes.   As a matter of fact, in 2003-2004, the consumption of eggs was just a bit like 110 eggs per person per year.   In the last six or seven years, we have been to consumption to about 150 to 160 egg per person”.

Some years ago there was concern raised over the content of eggs, after confusion over whether the ‘bad’ kind of cholesterol was present in excess in eggs. That caused a decline in consumption worldwide but afterward it rebounded. Habet says the confusion was caused by a misunderstanding with another bad product of eggs and other foods – saturated fat.

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