Would be hotel guests actually robbers

26 year old Phillip Maclaren was arraigned in court on charges of robbery and attempted robbery. According to police reports,  on Sunday June 11, Maclaren and another male person entered Radisson Hotel pulling a wheeled kit bag. They walked up to the front desk and asked the receptionist for a room for the night. MacLaren then allegedly pulled out a firearm, pointed it at the receptionist and demanded money. The other man then  jumped over the counter and began to search for cash. A hotel security guard, David Reneau, then entered the are at the same time and MacLaren turned the gun on him. Reneau wa relieved of his work issued firearm and handheld radio as well as his personal cell phone. The two men then fled the scene. When Maclaren appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday,  he  pleaded not guilty to the charges, but because the offenses were committed with a firearm, he was not granted bail and remanded into custody until Augustvlcsnap-2017-06-16-11h23m19s769

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