WRH works on improvements following 2015 negative publicity

Ivlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h35m49s534n 2015, the Western Regional Hospital received some negative publicity after a rat was found in a newborn’s incubator and a nurse was bitten by a snake on the hospital grounds. The Ministry of Health and hospital administration assured the public that though the hospital building is old and run down in certain areas, they would make every effort to upgrade and upkeep the facility for the health and safety of all who enter the premises. Today, we spoke to Melinda Guerra, vlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h36m12s417regional Health Manager for the Western Health region. She told us about some of the recent improvements made at the Belmopan based hospital. Guerra says there will also be improvement to the storage issues that also may have contributed to the harboring of unwanted pests.  The Regional Health manager also told us that the morgue would be getting some much needed attention as concerns and complaints were also raised about the condition of the morgue at the Western Regional Hospital.  While those infrastructural improvements are on the way, Guerra says there is also human resource improvement in the form of two permanently stationed grounds men for the upkeep of the grounds which was previously constantly overgrown.  The Ministry of Health is also focusing on the delivery of health services and finding ways and means to improve in this area.  As the Ministry, Administration, and staff continue to work on improvements at WRH, Guerra says they are also working on a complaint system where those with concerns can go. Guerra says they continue to work towards improvements for a clean, healthy, and safe environment for all.vlcsnap-2016-01-21-09h35m58s058

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