Yanie Cu arrives home after treatment in Guatemala, following traffic accident

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In mid-August, 54 year old Yolanda Valencia lost her life in a fatal traffic accident involving Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, whose fate will have to be decided at court.

Taxi Driver Yanie Cu of Succotz Village, and a relative to Yolanda, was also involved in the accident, but while his injuries were severe they did not prove fatal.

After having been receiving treatment in Guatemala for two months, Yanie Cu arrived back home on Wednesday earlier this week, and the family is overjoyed.


vlcsnap-2014-10-24-16h33m37s202vlcsnap-2014-10-24-16h34m00s181Menelia Chan – Aunt of Yanie Cu

“We’re happy. We’re glad because he come back.  Only the accident, nothing more happened. But we are sad because the next, Miss Yolanda is my family too, we are sad, we know she will not come back but we will see the justice from what the will do. But we are happy that Yannie is back.”

Emanuel Pech- Reporter: “The doctors in Guatemala, what are they saying?”

Menelia Chan: “They say that the surgeries that they make from his hand here in Belize that it’s not good.  They want to broke it again, but Yanie say no, because it hurts plenty.  So that will stay like that. From his hip to his leg, they fix it, but they say he will take a long time to walk.  He have plenty pain in that leg and his hip.”

Emanuel Pech- Reporter: “Is there hope that he will walk again?”

Menelia Chan : “The doctors say yes, [he will walk again].” 


When he came back he also came back with a hefty medical Bill. The overall medical expenses that include medication and surgeries totalled to $98 thousand quetzal, which is about $25 thousand Belize dollars. In addition to that, they have to pay $11 thousand quetzal to have his medications brought to Belize.

Yanie’s next Hospital appointment is scheduled for Tuesday next week, but without the finances they will not be able to take him.


vlcsnap-2014-10-24-19h05m56s181Menelia Chan: “He have to go this Tuesday, but he don’t have money.  It’s only five days more But as soon as we get some money we will send him back.

Emanuel Pech- Reporter: “Have you tried to get the Police Department to donate?”

Menelia Chan: No because neither the Police nor somebody from the Police come and see Yanie, what’s happened? How are you?  Nothing.Maybe Mr Segura touch his heart and come and tell Yanie sorry, or something like that.  We are human.  We have faults sometimes too.  I think if Mr Segura come, we tell he, that it’s OK.  But we need the help. I heard that he only put twenty thousand Belize.  That’s not enough to cover the ninety-eight thousand.”

Anybody wishing to make a donation towards Yanie and his family can contact his aunt, Menelia Chan at 650-4721.

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