Yolanda Gomez responds to allegations

Earlier in our newscast we reported the explosive statements made by Ena Martinez,  the chairwoman of the board of directors of the La Inmaculada Credit Union and President of the Credit union,  in a pre-recorded statement in which she made pointed allegations against terminated General Manager of the Credit Union Yolanda Gomez. Late this evening,  we received a written statement from the accused who stated that, “The allegations that have been made are serious and injurious to myself, my reputation, and my family.  They will now have to be dealt with in a court of law.”vlcsnap-2015-08-21-14h33m11s643

According to Yolanda Gomez, the President of the Credit Union Ena Martinez,  “manipulates the facts in order to cast me in a bad light so as to validate her allegations.” Gomez asserts that on July 20th,  she received a letter, summoning her to a meeting with the board on July 23 to discuss the matters being investigated. On July 21st, she reportedly sent correspondence requesting details of the investigation but was told it was not ready and so they could not provide it to her. She alleges that they insisted she meet with the board. On July 22nd she purportedly wrote again to the board requesting a listing of the matters to be discussed but was not replied to until July 24th when the board sent her a letter of dismissal.

Yolanda Gomez reaffirms that at no point did she refuse to meet with them and concludes that their actions to not provide her with the minimum information before she met with them was not only a denial of natural justice but that it, “laid bare the intentions of the board- that they had long ago concluded that I was guilty of all their allegations.” She reiterates that she has been a devote member of the institution allotting most of her productive life to the growth of the credit union. She ends the press release by stating and we quote, “It thus saddens me that this Board would now embark on a witch hunt aimed at discrediting me and destroying my reputation all simply to achieve a personal end of removing me from the helm of our beloved credit union…I have no doubt that I will be vindicated in a court of law where all the facts will have to be laid bare and will not be subjected to the manipulation that the president so clearly employs.”

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