Young and old musicians join together for memorable event







Belizean musicians are making major strides in the industry, both locally and on the international scene. But it’s only right that homage be paid to those performers who paved the way and created a platform for the up and coming. And this past Sunday, Belizean instrumentalists and singers, both young and old, from across the country and even globally, came together to celebrate Belizean artists of the past. Present at the event was Emerson Gill, a member of the Mystic Band and also representing the World Culture Band.

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-12h24m18s43Emerson Gill – Band member:

Today was special because on stage with us today we had some young people performing with us that are incredible musicians.  I would like the young people to see that and try to join this merry band and become free.



The legendary Sam Harris, leader of the World Culture Band, shared with us why they chose to honor our veteran composers.

vlcsnap-2013-08-30-12h28m44s132Sam Harris – Leader of the World Culture Band:

We always had in mind that musicians in Belize don’t get the credit that they deserve.  Travelling back to Belize, I thought that maybe if I call them, all these musicians that I’ve known that they would actually come and support.



As our local music industry continues to mature, we see the emergence of more original material and this is key says Sam Harris, and he encourages more musicians to take that leap.

Sam Harris:

It’s easy to do karaoke because you look upon the screen, and you sing what you hear, and stuff like that.  Take, for instance, this little boy Emanuel, that was here tonight with us.  Some of the songs that this kid wrote are unbelievable.  Eddie is rich on his guitar.  You’re not going to find them cover somebody’s song, they’re playing what they feel.  One of the things I want to tell kids is that: don’t try to be like somebody else.  Be you.  If you have a gift, be it vocal or if you play an instrument, you could take from other people, but put your own creative influence into it.

The event was held at the Welcome Center in Cayo,

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