Young basketball players from across the nation meet in Belize City






Basketball has not been left out of the sporting equation. Youth ballers from around the country converged in Belize City for the final rally to conclude this year’s Ballers for Life Summer Camp organized by the Belize Basketball Federation. With more here is that federation’s president, Paul Thompson.

Paul Thompson – Belize Basketball Federation:

vlcsnap-2013-08-19-14h22m59s57his is our Annual Ballers For Life Summer Camp that’s held.  This is our third one, and it has been successful so far.  This accomplishes many things.  It brings together the basketball community from across the country.  So we’re building a community.  We’re building a family.  Also what it does for us, it gives us the opportunity to see the talent that we have at the younger ages.  We as a federation participate in the youth categories internationally, the U14, the U15, the U16, the U17, and this is a grand opportunity for us to see what we have out there.  It’s also a good opportunity for ther Districts to compete against each other.  We live to compete.  That’s a part of our make-up.  So it accomplishes many things here by having this camp.

According to Paul Thompson just about the entire country participated in individual camps held in the districts and sent their representatives to today’s final event.

Paul Thompson – Belize Basketball Federation:

This camp is made up of all the different Districts.  In each District the BBF has a representative association.  All these associations conduct camps in their Districts.  At the end, they come down to Belize City.  So we have campers from Punta Gorda, from Dangriga, from Corozal, from Orange Walk, from San Ignacio, San Pedro, and Benque, and we have from Belize City.

The Ministry of Sports and National Sports Council were co-organizers and corporate sponsors included SMART, Courts, SOL Belize, Bowen and Bowen, and Hi-5 of Orange Walk.

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