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We reported last week on the battle between Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and concerned citizens led by Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman, who complained about negative images of women depicted in various billboards and on Facebook that appeared to be endorsed by the company. The company’s apology last week and offer to train staff on diversity sensitivity does not go far enough, Shoman told PLUS News today.

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They apologized to those who were offended. It was not a none qualified apology. They have not committed to an investigation or appropriate sanctions  for the persons who put up that thing and they have not committed to getting in experts on gender justice and they have not committed to  a policy of zero tolerance of abuse of women on all corporate levels. I don’t think those are  hair splitting matters, I think they are substantive matters. I think that BTL owes it to all of us as tax payers to take this seriously.Shoman told us that following her open reply to the BTL statements this week, she understands that the issue is again before the Board of Directors.


Lisa Shoman

Women are not a diversity issue. Women make up half the world and diversity really has to do with minorities. Women are not minorities”

 Aaron Humes– Plus TV Reporter

“In terms of pursuing that issue now that you have BTL’s response, how far do you intend to take this?”

 Senator Lisa Shoman

“I have written them an open reply and I have gotten acknowledgement from then on that replay. they have committed to raising it to the Board of Directors.”

There has been no indication of any boycott or organized protest directed against the state-owned company.

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