Youth cadets receive marching band equipment

vlcsnap-2015-11-11-22h06m00s195ALBA Petrocaribe Belize Energy Limited (APBEL) has made a donation of $8,000 worth of marching band equipment to the band established by the Police Department Youth Cadet Corps in 2013. The handover took place today and we spoke to Officer in Charge of Community Policing for South Division Precinct 2, Sergeant Brent Hamilton.


Brent Hamilton, O. C. Community Policing, Eastern Division (South) Precinct 2: Well e have gotten some instruments before vlcsnap-2015-11-11-22h02m57s176from the Honorable Minister Sedi Elrington. We played in many several activities, the September celebrations, the Love FM service, and any other activity that they invite us to. We saw that the instruments that we had, we had 6 snare drums, 2 bass drums and 2 symbols. They started to get a little weary on us, so we started to go out and try to ask the business community to assist us and we knocked on the door of Petro Caribe, and the decided to give us a little hand which we are very grateful of.

Sgt. Hamilton notes that the band is an important outlet for his cadets to stay out of trouble and make something of themselves. He told us that from the 40 members the band has now, he hopes to bring in 20 more members and so the donation comes in handy.


Brent Hamilton, O. C. Community Policing, Eastern Division (South) Precinct 2:  For a good structure and policy that I have, and I try to maintain. The instruments before are still working, but we just have additions, because my mission is that to have about 60 kids in the entire police department in the youth program to play instruments. My mission is to, if they choose to not become an engineer or a doctor or teacher, is that they can use these instruments to be part of a band or something where they can earn some type of livelihood.  vlcsnap-2015-11-11-21h45m40s143

The Cadet Corps Band is active and participates in multiple events across the City and occasionally outside.

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