Youth fined for false statement in shooting case

18 year old Troy Augustus agreed to plea guilty to committing a mischievous act in respect of a police investigation, after police found he lied about an aspect of his statement to police.

Corin Corey was allegedly shot while leaving Elite Nightclub and the policewoman investigating the case was led to Troy Augustus. Apparently the shots came from a shooter in a vehicle and Mr Augustus was asked about the vehicle. He told the officer that the green Geo Prizm had taxi license plates, which are green, when in the fact the vehicle had private license plates which are a different color.

vlcsnap-2014-08-22-18h16m36s168Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart fined Troy Augustus $200, and ordered him to pay $50 immediately which he did. He faces 2 months in prison if he does not pay the remainder by a specific time.

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