Youth leader faces two counts of carnal knowledge

Just months after the head of the Belmopan Baptist Church was caught in an alleged affair with a minor, another leader of a prominent church in Belmopan is facing child molestation charges. Plus News understands that the youth leader of the Step of Faith Church in Belmopan is tonight in prison at the Belize Central Prison after he allegedly had sexual relations with the 14 year old on two separate occasions in the month of January. This revelation has been devastating to the Step of Faith community and today we got a chance to speak with Kathy McDonald, one of the church’s leaders. She told us about how the church has been dealing with the matter.

Kathy McDonald – Step of Faith Church:
vlcsnap-2013-03-25-21h38m27s161We heard the accusation, but before we even got to his house he had already told his wife what had happened.  He’s done a horrible thing, it is true. The next day he had shaved his head, a broken man, asked for repentance, asked his wife.  We got the mother and the young girl to come over and he asked forgiveness of them and the leadership.   We gathered some of the pastors in and we had them pray with us, and talk with them, and we made it known.  We went to the youth, we had a youth meeting last week Saturday, and we shared with them.  We talked to our church, shared with them.  So there’s counsellers that are helping the young girl and the mother. We have counsellers that are helping [him].  Our church is going through counseling.  As a church, we’re holding up, families on both sides.

A tearful McDonald further opened up about the accused, who is now the former youth leader.

Kathy McDonald – Step of Faith Church:
The other part of the story is that he walked himself into the Police Station. He knew what he did wasn’t just a sin, it was a crime in this land.  He walked himself in, ready to take his consequence, whatever that means.
There’s a broken man that’s in prison, and he’s asked forgiveness of everyone.  He loves Jesus.  My greatest [plea] right now is don’t cast stones. Yes, he’s done a horrible thing.  It’s a criminal thing in Belize.  Even Friday, his wife and the young girl and the mother got together, and there was a healing, and asking forgiveness.  That’s the bigger picture here, that Jesus is involved.
Whatever God has, he will not be able to serve as a leader of our church in any capacity.  However, I really believe that he’ll be a powerful man through all of this, to tell the young people, to tell people, of what not to do, to get help.

He has been charged with two counts of carnal knowledge and will appear before the Magistrate this week.

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