Youths engaged in Agriculture Summer program

This morning, the Ministry of Agriculture kicked off the second week of its ‘Youths engaged in Agriculture’ Summer program. This week’s activities will be targeting youths from Belmopan. Plus News spoke to City Administrator Ralston Fraser at this morning’s week two launch. He spoke to us about the importance of having youths engaged in Agriculture.

Ralston Frazer, Belmopan City Administrator: This is a wonderful moment shared between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Belmopan Police or the Police Department as a whole and the City of Belmopan. We are happy to share in this moment with police and the ministry. We supported by the presence of the Minister here this morning, Officer in Charge of Belmopan is here as well and we are happy to be a part of this moment. You see these children are from Belmopan and while we share concern for all the children of this country, we give immediate attention to the children from around Belmopan and so we are glad that they could have become a part of this and be engaged in making use of their time, productive time in their summer break. So we are very much thankful for this and we hope that the…, you know may be someday one of these children will be the big farmers around here, the big food producers, the officials in the Ministry of Agriculture etcetera.

According to Minister of National Security, Godwin Hulse, the two weeks program will end on Saturday with a Children Rodeo at the National Agriculture and Trade show Grounds

Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: This is our second week and these kids this week are from the Belmopan area. Similar to the programs we had last week Monday, they will be having tours and they will be visiting Spanish Lookout, and Banana Bank and other places. So they get an introduction into agriculture as a business and it concludes on Saturday with a rodeo. So we are inviting everybody to come out, all parents, etcetera. Bring your family, it should be a fun day right here at the Agricultural Show Grounds at the rodeo center. So that is going to conclude our summer camp for these children in agriculture.

As you heard, Saturday’s event will be an all day event.

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