Yucatan Ministry of Tourism promotes its product

This morning, Belize’s press was hosted by the Yucatan Ministry of Tourism on the occasion of a promotional effort of that Mexican state’s tourism product. Southern Mexico and northern Central America including Belize are seen as the center of the Maya world and marketing director Santiago Gonzalez Abreu told PLUS News that it’s time that the product be coordinated among the countries.

Santiago G Abreu – Marketing Director:
vlcsnap-2013-05-09-19h42m54s103We think that the starting point in Mexico’s Tourism should be the thing that will start increasing the flows of people going to Mexico, to combine their trips with Belize, because I think European markets and the people from North America don’t see the borders between the countries, don’t see the difference between the Mayan world.  And starting a trip in Yucatan in Mexico could be perfectly combined by ending the trip in Belize, and seeing the miracle of nature, and the wonders of the Mayan world here in Belize. So we’re starting to create a new relationship with BTB here in Belize to combine those routes, that people from Mexico start selling Belize in Mexico and the entire world.  And people that are coming from Europe could have more attractive trips, like 15 or 20 days, combined both parts of the Mayan world.

Abreu says Mexico is sensitive to Belize’s issues of development including transportation and services and extends the hand of cooperation to Belize’s authorities.

Santiago G Abreu – Marketing Director:
I think that our Embassy here in Belize is working a lot in that kind of relationship, to see the people from Belize like a brother for us, like a partner.  So we need to develop many things to start working together.  There are many things that should be done before seeing a reality in tourism combining these two countries. b=Because if you really don’t solve the things with the border, if we don’t solve the things with the Police in Chetumal and Quintana Roo and Yucatan, that should treat in a really kind way the people from Belize, if we don’t start working on the relationship between the tour operators that could combine the tourists from Mexico and Belize, if we don’t work in the promotion of these destinations, we don’t have anything to sell. If we want to sell this part of the world as a reality, we need to work in all those things that you are saying, to create that real relationship in terms of business.

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