Zika Workshop held in San Ignacio

least two cases of the disease Zica have been identified in Belize; one of them, a pregnant woman, from the cayo District. In view of this development the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality Initiative hosted a workshop in Santa Elena- San Ignacio to discuss a plan of action for controlling the spread of Zica within the twin towns. Kay Dee Vaugn is the project manager for the initiative. She spoke to our Cayo Correspondent about the purpose of the workshop.

Kay Dee Vaugn, Project Manager for Child Friendly Municipality: What we’re looking to do is to develop a proper communication plan for this municipality so when they start to do their initiative to fight vector born diseases that the people in their community and their municipalities well informed, they know about it and they’ll be able to participate actively.vlcsnap-2016-06-06-09h09m49s042

Vaughn says Belizeans need to take the disease seriously.

Kay Dee Vaugn, Project Manager for Child Friendly Municipality: Well we know that we have a serious threat going on in our country right now when it comes to the Zika Virus, throughout the world we have seen linkage between Zika and microsyphaly where women who are pregnant, their babies are being born with small heads, and that causes a lot of other problems as well for the child, and so we want to make sure that the parents here in Belize don’t suffer the same conditions. We want to combat and try to prevent Zika in our country.

There are several things that cayo residents can do help reduce the spread of the disease

Kay Dee Vaugn, Project Manager for Child Friendly Municipality: I would just like to encourage everybody to clean their yards and keep their environment clean. If you have stagnant water in your yard, try and cover it, and whatever we can do to prevent the spread of the mosquito we would like to ask you guys to help us.vlcsnap-2016-06-06-09h14m05s859

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