BPP joins in call for Senator Rocke’s resignation

The Belize Progressive Party issued a press release in which it has added its voice in calling for the resignation of Church Senator Ashley Rocke. The release says, “BPP registers its utter disappointment with the decision of Senator Ashley Rocke, who represents the Church, due to his decision to inexplicably vote against convening a Senate Select Committee to address the issue of immigration-related irregularities, raised in the Auditor General’s report.  In our view, if one is for transparency in government, there is no plausible excuse to vote against the motion that was proposed in the Senate, and to go against the wishes of the churches that he represents in the Senate. As a result, we join the chorus of voices which call for his immediate resignation.”BPP also commented on Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s response to the Auditor General’s Report on the Immigration and Nationality departments. BPP says, “Instead of commending the Auditor General, the PM squandered yet another opportunity to demonstrate genuine and to show that consecutive victories at the polls, translates into respectable, national stewardship. …. Concerning the Auditor General’s Report, the PM cast himself as: judge, jury and quite presumably executioner insofar as the manner in which the report was conducted, as opposed to dealing with the substantive issues of misconduct and outright corruption that persists involving matters of immigration”.

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