Business owner shot during robbery in Corozal

A businessman was shot to his shoulder during a robbery in the Corozal District. On September 2 , 48-year-old Israel Gomez, business owner of San Andres village, Corozal was shot to his left shoulder. Sometime around 1 o’clock that afternoon, Gomez and his wife were at their business place, Saint Jude Block factory located in San Andres village, Corozal District, when  two young Hispanic men entered the business with firearms and demanded Gomez’ money and belongings. One of them searched the drawers and took all the day’s sale which amounted to $1,500. They also took three containers of coins as well as Mr. Gomez’ chain. However, a struggle ensued between Gomez and the culprits where Gomez was shot. Police have since arrested and charged two teenagers;  19-year-old Alvan Nunez of College Road and 18-year-old Pedro Tun of Skeleton Town area, Corozal Town. Both were charged  for the crimes of “Robbery, Attempted Murder and Wounding”.

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