San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council employees suspended

Just as Minister Patrick Faber’s submerged vehicle was first featured on Facebook, so now has the vehicle belonging to the Town Council of the Twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Two senior employees of  that council are now in hot water after a video surfaced on Facebook showing the two employees soundly sleeping inside a white pickup truck, bearing Mayoral license plates, parked on the side of the highway early Saturday night. The men appeared disheveled and perhaps intoxicated. The license plate on the vehicle says “Mayor” but reports are that while itvlcsnap-2016-09-06-14h49m58s174 is a vehicle belonging to the town hall, it is not the one used personally by the Mayor.  We understand that the two employees were sent on official duties to repair the Council’s roller, but after completing their work, diverted to La Union for personal reasons.  The statement coming out of Town Hall is that the vehicle experienced mechanical problems and as a result, the men parked onto the side of the road. According to BBN news, they managed to speak with Mayor of the Twin Towns; Earl Trapp, who said, “I am disappointed at the behavior of our 2 employees and am personally apologizing to the residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, and to the nation in general, for their behavior”.  Reports are that the two employees have been suspended for 2 weeks without pay.

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